Welcome to Moooose! Productions, a small roleplaying game developer from New Zealand.

And by small, I mean singular, it’s just me. I dragoon my friends and co-workers to playtest the systems, run statistical analysis for segments that are too laborious to test ‘in-game’ and battle with dividing my time between my real job, my wife, my two sons, my ingrate of a cat, and my distracting fish.

If you’re wondering where the name comes from, it was a Call of Cthulhu game run by a friend of mine. It was set in the 20’s and our party was unfortunate enough to stumble across a hunting horror in the woods outside Arkham. One party member was badly wounded by the creature and as we rushed him to hospital, we faced the inevitable question of ‘what happened?’ by the attending nurse. We evaded suspicion with a critical success on my bluff check, which is just as well I rolled so well because my cover story was ‘gored by a moose’. So impressed with my cover story, it became my default excuse for everything, which eventually undid me when I attempted to use it another hospital to cover up a gunshot wound.

I've been at this on-and-off since 2013, refining my techniques each release. M!P now has five games released and possibly two more schedulded for 2017. All of my games are available exclusively through DriveThruRPG.

Thanks for your interest and support in my endeavour to have no free time ever.

Aaron Orr
Director, Moooose! Productions